Property Management

Why CLIENTS Choose Charta

We have over 25 years of experience in the management of properties and are well equipped to handle anything that comes our way. 

You name it, we’ve probably dealt with it.  

As developers back in the 90's we helped a lot of people to start their property investment portfolios and understand how to create wealth through careful management and maintenance of investment properties. We understand that buying an investment property can be hard enough, but many people find the most difficult part is actually managing the property and the tenants.  So our job as property managers is to make sure that you, the owner can have a worry free investment to enjoy.


Charta Management Ltd. provides a specialised, skilled quality management service where we take care of everything from marketing, renting, inspections, maintenance, following up on arrears and even looking after mediations' and court proceedings should they arise.  This allows you, to treat your investment property as a business and not get caught up in the menial, day to day tasks:

  • Charta Management utilises rigorous selection criteria to ensure tenants are screened carefully to minimise potential problems with rental payments and damage
  • Properties are maintained by Charta contractors and maintenance staff
  • OWNER PORTAL - As an added service to our clients we have added an owner portal to the website.  This allows you to access your statements and send messages etc. You'll find the portal at bottom of the website page.

Over the years we've learnt a lot about property ownership and investment and as a valued client of Charta we'd like to share some of this information with you.  We have created a document to help you understand the property management process. 

[Property Management info for Landlords

And, we've also put together this small document that gives you an idea of expenses that you may be able to claim as a landlord. 

[Claimable Expenses]



If you would like to find out more about our property management services or ask about our current deal for new owners, simply email our Manager or call her directly on +64 21 608444.

Owner UPdate

We also send out a quarterly newsletter to keep owners up to date with the goings on in the industry, legislation changes, any great offers we can pass on and what's happening within the company itself.  Simply click on one of the links below to check out previous newsletters.

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If you'd like to subscribe to our quarterly Charta Property Newsletter click the button below.

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Investors and landlords can relax in the protective cover offered through Charta Management's exclusive arrangement with Insurance Brokers who understand the needs of your property.  It's simple - engage the services of Charta Management to manage your property, take out the Landlord Plan through the brokers and you’ll get the best services for your property.




We value our tenants and work to maintain a respectful, professional relationship with every resident. If you have questions or you need help, you can contact us at, use the contact form at the bottom of this page, call us during business hours on (09) 303 4926 or get in touch with your Property Manager directly for urgent matters.  If it's an emergency please contact Emergency Services first (see further down the page). 


Do you want to apply for a Charta property?  Click the link to download an application form print off or fill it out on your computer.  [Tenants Application Form]

And if you'd like to see past newsletters to tenants click one of these links:

[March newsletter to tenants]

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Has your dishwasher stopped working, tap dripping, doors come off the hinges, or another maintenance issue?  The best way to get it sorted out quickly is to email  Make sure you include the property address, your contact phone number and what the problem is and do it as soon as possible.

This email address goes directly to our property managers who will place the work order then contact you to give you the tradesmen's details and/or make arrangements to get the problem remedied.  At the moment there is a bit of a delay with some maintenance issues (particularly building) as a lot of tradespeople have a backlog of work so we appreciate a little patience with minor issues.  If you haven't had a reply or any action within 48 hours please don't hesitate to call us during office hours on (09) 3034926.

If it is urgent call your property manager directly or for an emergency dial 111 for police, fire or ambulance.

Please note that blown light bulbs and flat batteries (in smoke alarms) are your responsibility.


We now supply a hard copy of the Charta Tenant Handbook to all new tenants. It covers general information, your rights as a tenant and our expectation when renting with Charta Property Management.  It's a great reference that you should keep somewhere handy.

For those of you who don't have a copy feel free to download it here.  [Charta Tenant Handbook]


HOW DO I PAY RENT?   Rental payments can be made securely online, 24 hours a day. Pay electronically or schedule automatic payments every fortnight so you don’t have to think about it at all.

HOW DO I PAY THE WATER BILL?   Unless water is included in your rent, you should receive a monthly invoice for the water, which you’ll need to pay within 14 days of receipt. The amount will be only for the water that you use; fixed wastewater charges are paid by the Property Owner.  If you have not received a water bill after your first month of being in the property please contact us as soon as possible to ensure your charges don't accrue.

WHAT IF SOMETHING AT THE PROPERTY BREAKS?   Contact your property manager directly, they should have given you a card with their number on it (see the team below) or email us at and we’ll be in touch to schedule the repair work. If it’s an emergency, please contact us right away so we can immediately take steps to protect you and the property.

WHAT ABOUT INSPECTIONS? and WHEN WOULD YOU NEED ACCESS?   We conduct entry inspections, exit inspections, and other inspections throughout your tenancy - usually on a quarterly basis. The frequency of these inspections are outlined in your tenancy agreement. You will always receive the required notice under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 before we enter the home. If maintenance or repair work is needed, we will need access to the property in order to do the necessary work. All repairs will be scheduled and communicated with you.

HOW LONG IS MY TENANCY?   The start and end dates of your lease can be found in your tenancy agreement. Most leases at are for a fixed term.  Approximately 6 weeks prior to your tenancy coming to an end will get in touch with you to let you know whether your tenancy will be renewed or not.  If you haven't heard from us or you are considering moving elsewhere please contact us as soon as possible so that we can make the appropriate arrangements.  

If you have any tenancy queries but don't feel comfortable talking to us you can always contact Tenancy Services (by clicking on this link) download their "Renting and You" guide or contact them directly via the website.


The Property Management Team

  • RoseanneCharta Management Ltd.

  • MANAGER - Property Management
  • 09 303 4926
  • 021 608 444
  • Roseanne oversees the day to day running of the management team and has over 14 years Property Manager industry experience. You can rely on her to get the job done with minimal fuss with a friendly and professional attitude. For management contracts, rental references, sticky situations, Roseanne’s the woman to talk to.
  • VarshaCharta Management Ltd.

  • CML Admin Manager
  • 09 303 4926
  • 021 608444
  • Varsha is our administration manager keeping track of rental records, statements, invoices etc. and as a previous Property Manager of Charta she understands property management inside and out. A dedicated and hard worker, Varsha also ensures the security of our properties as the keeper of the keys and swipes.
  • AlanaCharta Management Ltd.

  • Property Manager
  • 09 303 4926
  • 021 608444
  • Alana is a master in the art of tenant spotting. Her special talents lay in knowing the details and the ins and outs of the RTA. She's our “go-to” who is firm but gentle and the very successful Charta representative at tenancy hearings. Talk to her about difficult situations and rental arrears.
zeryn crop
  • ZerynCharta Management Ltd.

  • Jnr Property Manager
  • 09 303 4926
  • 021 608444
  • Zeryn spends most days out on the road with viewings and inspecting properties, doing installs and vacates. She's a quick study and is taking the property management job head on.
    Her friendly manner and professional attitude when dealing with clients, customers (tenants), and trades people ensures the job gets done, efficiently and effectively.
antons head
  • AntonCharta Property Group

  • CFO & Body Corporate
  • +64 09 303 4926
  • Anton works across the whole of Charta Property Group as the Chief Financial Officer. He handles most Body Corporate, Building and Facilities Management issues and the likes of PCDS and PSDS for the Real Estate division. Generally anything financial goes across his desk. Anton's the man to talk to.
Donna 11
  • DonnaCharta Property Group

  • Operations Manager - EALicensed under the REAA 2008
  • +64 9 3034926
  • For Donna customer service and satisfaction are paramount and she strives to deliver the best possible outcome for all. As EA all Managers & Directors she is the glue between divisions handling everything from marketing & social media through to complaints, compliments, contracts, procedures, H&S, AML etc.

What our clients say

Charta has provided me with total peace of mind with regards to my property investment.

Dr Lannes

This investment is great because with Charta managing it, its hassle free for me.


We were not free from apprehension when we decided to pick an apartment at Forte. But our property consultant (Zeryn) was a source of immense support and assistance made us feel at home with their special concern and especially so because, we have just arrived in NZ and this is our first home.This is clearly and unmistakably the best place to live. If you are looking for a place in Auckland City I would specially recommend this apartment block as the ideal one. Many thanks to the team...

Paul & Rachel - Tenants at Forté Apartments, Symonds Street
Oct 2018

We have recently required some trees & plants in the garden at our rental property be trimmed & be cut back. The first quotation was too expensive for us. Therefore we have contacted our own supplier for the job. We spoke to Charta to assist us with meeting us and our gardener at our rental property in, Glendowie. That was the first time we met with Charta staff it was very pleasant, attentive, polite and helpful.
She is punctual, efficient and managed to assist us fully in order for our gardener to do his job smoothly.

On a whole, we are very satisfied with Sunberra’s assistance on the above.

Steven & Adrynna Hoon
Owner - Glendowie, Auckland (Sept 2018)

I am taking this opportunity to express my feedback. I am happy to say that "the" client services is excellent. Always listens to our concerns/issues and take it to the property owner and sort out our needs on timely manner.

Piriyamudan, V.R. Kirubasankar
Owners (2018)

Would like to let you know that my wife and I have been dealing with Sunbera over the last few months and we would say she is like a welcoming breath of fresh air when dealing with Charta. We find her pleasant and very prompt in her replies to the few queries we have recently had. We are sure she is an asset to Charta and happy with her customer service.

Savio Correa

My son was a client to [Charta early] in 2018, with Sunbera [as the Property Manager]. As his mum I supported my son, so had talked to her. In this time, Sunbera showed us respect, was very nice to talk to, and very professional in her work and herself.

Sunbera replied to my messages promptly or as soon as she could, explained things of details that we needed to know. Got onto things in her work to make it happen, and followed up. She meet us on time when to see us in person. I haven't come across such a relaxed, calm, professional, and beautiful lady, and i had to comment/compliment about this to her. I wish the very best for her in her work and life.

Kind regards,
Michelle Kirk - Tenant's mum (Aug 2018)

I would like to give compliment to Zeryn to be the most efficient property manager I ever met. Fridge broken during weekend and my message was responded, then it got fixed on Monday...

JY Hew - Tenant


Dial 111

for Fire, Police or Ambulance
In a major emergency where property or life is in danger.
Do not contact the landlord, call 111
Please note that an emergency is a situation that requires urgent attention for health and safety reasons e.g. fire, flood, burglary, trespassing, violent or aggressive behaviour


After hours

For an urgent or emergency situation that does not require Fire Brigade, Police or Ambulance to attend but requires urgent attention for health and safety reasons.

Call and text Charta Property Group:

Leave your name; mobile phone number; property address and a short message describing the emergency.
A staff member will respond to you as promptly as possible. Blown light bulbs are not an emergency and are the responsibility of the tenant or owner/occupier.

Locked Out
Lost Keys

This is not an emergency!

If you cannot sort this out by yourself please first call & then text us. We have to confirm you are a tenant to authorise the locksmith.

Charta Property Managers

(Try one of these numbers) Leave your name; mobile phone number; property address and a short message confirming the issue with locking yourself out.

You have to pay the locksmith at the time of your call out, a charge between approximately $350-$450 or they will not assist you.
Charta is only able to provide access to a Charta tenant.
If your landlord is not Charta please hang up and call your landlord or if you are an owner/occupier please call a locksmith for access.

For all other urgent call outs

If it is not a health and safety emergency contact us

During normal business hours:

If there is no response then Call & Text
Leave your name; mobile phone number; property address and a short message describing the issue.
A staff member will respond to you as promptly as possible. All non-emergencies will be dealt with during business hours Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Please note that staff do not attend call outs in the late evening for safety reasons, also there will be a charge for the staff to attend for access.
No exceptions are made for this charge.

Contact Us - Compliments, Complaints & General Enquiries