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Property Management


Charta Property Group have over 25 years of experience in the management of properties and are well equipped to handle anything that comes our way.  You name it, we’ve probably dealt with it.  

We've helped a lot of people to start and grow their property investment portfolios and understand how to create wealth through careful management and maintenance of investment properties. Buying an investment property can be hard enough, but many people find the most difficult part is actually managing the property and the tenants.  When you have an investment property, you'll be happy to know that our owners enjoy an almost 100% tenancy 12 months of the year with less than 1% of our properties ending up at the Tenancy Tribunal.  We make sure your property has quality tenants, who look after it and pay their rent.

Charta Management Ltd. take care of pretty much everything, allowing you, to treat your investment property as a business and not get caught up in the menial, day to day tasks.

Our Services include:

  • Advertising and marketing of your property
  • Rigorous selection criteria of tenants
  • Entry, Exit and routine inspections
  • Properties maintained by Charta approved contractors and maintenance staff
  • Tenancy Tribunal hearings (if and when required)
  • Rental arrears
  • OWNER PORTAL - As an added service to our clients we have added an owner portal to the website.  Access up to date statements and send messages.  You'll find the portal at bottom of the website page.

Over the years we've learnt a lot about property ownership and investment and as a valued client of Charta we'd like to share some of this information with you.  We have created a document to help you understand the property management process. 

[Property Management info for Landlords

And, we've also put together this small document that gives you an idea of expenses that you may be able to claim as a landlord. 

[Claimable Expenses]

(Please note that these documents are updated on an adhoc basis and due to the large number of legislation changes to both the Residential Tenancy Act and Tax laws, we recommend you to double check any information contain therein before acting on it.)


Owner UPdate

We also send out a quarterly newsletter to keep owners up to date with the goings on in the industry, legislation changes, any great offers we can pass on and what's happening within the company itself.  Simply click on one of the links below to check out previous newsletters.

[Dec 2020 newsletter] [February 2021 newsletter]

[previous Owner Newsletters]

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If you would like to find out more about our property management services or ask about our current deal for new owners, simply email Alex directly or call him on 02111 90361.



We value our tenants and work to maintain a respectful, professional relationship with everyone. If you have questions or you need help, you can contact us at, use the contact form at the bottom of this page, call us during business hours on (09) 303 4926 or get in touch with your Property Manager directly for urgent matters.  If it's an emergency please contact Emergency Services first (see further down the page). 

Tenancy Services provide a great booklet Renting & You - A guide for landlords and tenants click this link to download.  It answers many questions about all aspects of renting from bonds, tenancy agreements and complaints to tenant and landlord responsibilities.


Do you want to apply for a Charta property?  Click the link to download an application form print off or fill it out on your computer.  [Tenants Application Form]

And if you'd like to see past newsletters to tenants click one of these links:

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Has your dishwasher stopped working, tap dripping, doors come off the hinges, or another maintenance issue?  The best way to get it sorted out quickly is to email   Simply include the property address, your contact phone number and what the problem is and do it as soon as possible.

Please note that blown light bulbs and flat batteries (in smoke alarms) are your responsibility.


We now supply a hard copy of the Charta Tenant Handbook to all new tenants. It covers general information, your rights as a tenant and our expectation when renting with Charta Property Management.  It's a great reference that you should keep somewhere handy.

For those of you who don't have a copy feel free to download it here.  [Charta Tenant Handbook]


(Frequently Asked Questions)





For the answers to these and other questions, click this link: FAQs

If you have any tenancy queries but don't feel comfortable talking to us you can always contact Tenancy Services (by clicking on this link) download their "Renting and You" guide or contact them directly via the website.


Dial 111

for Fire, Police or Ambulance
In a major emergency where property or life is in danger.
Do not contact the landlord, call 111
Please note that an emergency is a situation that requires urgent attention for health and safety reasons e.g. fire, flood, burglary, trespassing, violent or aggressive behaviour


After hours

For an urgent or emergency situation that does not require Fire Brigade, Police or Ambulance to attend but requires urgent attention for health and safety reasons.

Call and text Charta Property Group:

Leave your name; mobile phone number; property address and a short message describing the emergency.
A staff member will respond to you as promptly as possible. Blown light bulbs are not an emergency and are the responsibility of the tenant or owner/occupier.

Locked Out
Lost Keys

This is not an emergency!

If you cannot sort this out by yourself please first call & then text us. We have to confirm you are a tenant to authorise the locksmith.

Charta Property Managers

(Try one of these numbers) Leave your name; mobile phone number; property address and a short message confirming the issue with locking yourself out.

You have to pay the locksmith at the time of your call out, a charge between approximately $350-$450 or they will not assist you.
Charta is only able to provide access to a Charta tenant.
If your landlord is not Charta please hang up and call your landlord or if you are an owner/occupier please call a locksmith for access.

For all other urgent call outs

If it is not a health and safety emergency contact us

During normal business hours:

If there is no response then Call & Text
Leave your name; mobile phone number; property address and a short message describing the issue.
A staff member will respond to you as promptly as possible. All non-emergencies will be dealt with during business hours Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Please note that staff do not attend call outs in the late evening for safety reasons, also there will be a charge for the staff to attend for access.
No exceptions are made for this charge.

Contact Us - Compliments, Complaints & General Enquiries