Yay! Healthy Homes Bill for Renters!

The Government has passed a bill which over the coming years would see more stringent regulations around heating and insulation.The changes would help provide warmer, healthier homes, but won't be without its costs.Corazon Miller looks at the Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill and what it could mean for tenants and landlords
Mouldy shoes, dripping windows, chesty colds and tenancy tribunal hearings were what one Auckland couple got with their Orakei rental property.Dana Cornes and her partner Jonathan van Campen moved into the house in early August 2017, but struggled to feel at home in what they said were damp, cold conditions that impacted on their mental, physical and financial health.Battling constant colds and their landlord's reluctance to service a ventilation system led the Cornes to leaving in mid-October.WHAT'S YOUR RENTAL STORY? SEND US AN EMAILCornes said they had hoped to make the Orakei property home for the next two years, but the damp environment made it impossible."I have struggled with some chronic health issues over the last few years, but was very healthy before I moved into this house and now I have been literally sick every week," said Cornes.